What shape defines a generation of innovation? The round-rectangle.  Apple recently was awarded the patent protecting the shape of the iconic iPad from unauthorized use.  I wonder how specific, in terms of ratios and measurements the patent had to be in order to get the “ok” from the patent agents at the USPTO and whether the courts will to uphold this patent.   At any rate, it will be interesting to see whether Apple will live up to the highly litigious reputation that it has made for itself, or whether this is just an attempt to cover all of their bases.  You can read the Gizmodo article here or by following the URL below.

URL: http://gizmodo.com/5958762/apple-finally-patents-the-round+cornered-rectangle

Congratulations to the 44th President of the United States of America for winning the latest election.  The twitter-verse and facebook-verse have been inundated with various opinions on the latest president elect so I will spare you from my own personal views.  Nevertheless, here’s to hoping that good changes are on the horizon!


There is no doubt that Hurricane Sandy will be a bad memory for many people in the northeast.  For those affected, the last week has been a nightmare.  Some are still without power and may still be for a few more days.  Others are getting back to work and attempting to resume their lives.  As a solo attorney, it can be hard to get back to work and even harder try and pick up the pieces after being unable to get to client files for pending cases.  I can only imagine the frustration and anxiety these difficulties can cause.  To all of those affected, good luck and Godspeed , attorney or not.

In response to Solos, Small Firms Face Unique Challenges in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy from the New York Law Journal.

UPDATE 1: Looks like Gizmodo did a similar article. URL: http://gizmodo.com/5958065/is-it-illegal-to-instagram-your-vote?tag=instagram

It’s funny how an action that epitomizes freedom may actually deprive a person of freedom.  Be careful of how you use social media today.  In the state of Massachusetts, taking a picture of your ballot may be considered a punishable offense that could land you in jail for 6 months or be subject to a fine of no more than $100.  On that note…. Happy Voting!

via boston.cbs.com  URL: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2012/11/06/be-careful-using-social-media-to-prove-you-voted/

In early October, California passed a very strict social media law.  As a result business and schools in the state of California are prohibited from requiring social media credentials as  a prerequisite to employment.  It will be interesting to see how the courts interpret this law and whether or not they will extend the protection to all social media or only to certain social media. You can see the full article on the New California Social Media Law here at Informationweek.com.

If the above link does not work, here is the URL: http://www.informationweek.com/security/privacy/california-passes-tough-social-media-pri/240008206#

Update #2: Looks like its back up 😮

Update #1: Looks like they took it down. Hopefully it will be up again shortly. (11/05/12 3:00 PM)

Here’s an interesting article regarding SEO and Professional Rules of Conduct for Attorneys.  For those of you who are in Florida this may be especially interesting. Via The Lawyerist. If the link above does not work, here is the address.

URL: http://lawyerist.com/attorney-seo-to-be-addressed-by-florida-bar/#more-50997


Congratulations on completing your medical training and finally getting paid the big bucks!  Your thousands of hours of call and getting paid peanuts for them have finally paid off.   Now all that stands in your way is that pesky physician contract.  You think to yourself, “Where do I sign?”


As with any contract, you should take care to make sure you know and understand all the terms your contract.   If you do not understand them, hire someone who is experienced in dealing with physician contracts to go through the contract with you explain it.  Contracts are full of legalese (lawyer word for mumbojumbo) and are confusing even for experienced lawyers.  Moreover, these confusing terms often carry unfavorable consequences (e.g. non-compete clause, guarantee payback clause, etc.).  This is only the beginning.  Certain states also require due diligence on the part of the physician and physician’s employer regardless of the terms of the contract.  You are well educated.   You have learned to care for patients under the most stressful of conditions.  Why not assure yourself that the career you worked so hard for is not being sabotaged before it even begins?

Want to learn more? This is the first post of a series that will outline the considerations physicians should take into account regarding their own contracts so please stay tuned!

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