GreenCardSampleFINALGreen Card. I-551. Legal Permanent Resident.

Getting a Green Card is a major step towards getting Citizenship in the United States.  For many, receiving their Green Card is a huge relief.  It means they have reached the home stretch.  For every immigrant who has obtained their Green Card there are many more who are still in the process or who have not begun.   If you are reading this, you already know it can be a long and complicated process.  So where should You start?

DISCLAIMER: The following is the first post in a series that will explore the different ways immigrants may lawfully obtain green cards.  The posts are intended to be an educational and are do not constitute legal advice.  Many times an immigration issue may be more complex than it seems.  In any case, seeking the advice of a knowledgeable and competent Immigration attorney is almost always a good idea.  So please, if you are in need of immigration advice, please either make an appointment with me or seek the advice of another competent immigration attorney.

What things in my past will affect my chances of getting a Green Card?

The character requirements for obtaining a Green Card are what blindside many people when applying.  If you have a criminal history of any kind, you should seek the assistance of a competent Immigration Attorney.  Some criminal history may be permissible as long as the acts are of a nature and a kind permitted by USCIS.  It is always in your best interest to be cooperative and truthful when speaking with your attorney, Government Agents, or when filling out your forms.  While having some criminal history may not prevent you from applying for your green card, lying about your history will.

Other things from your past that may affect your chances of getting a Green Card include but are not limited to, failing to file taxes, lying to obtain government aide, lying about your immigration status, helping others to illegally immigrate to the United States, affiliation with certain parties or groups, and committing immigration fraud.  You may be required to disclose this information on your application or to an immigration agent at your interview.  So be honest when you are consulting your attorney.  If you know something from your past will eventually come to light, tell your attorney.  Doing this may just save your chances at getting a Green Card.

The next article will discuss Family-Based Immigration, Employment-Based Immigration, Refugee Status, and Asylum.  Please come check back with us next week!

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